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About Carbon Electrode Paste

Carbon Electrode Paste is a self-baking electrode used in submerged Arc furnaces for delivering power to the charge mix. Electrode paste is added to the top of Electrode column in either cylindrical or briquette form. As the paste moves down the column the temperature increases which causes the paste to melt and subsequently form baked block of Electically conductive carbon. Electrode paste is essentially a mix of Electrically Calcined Anthracite (ECA) or Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) with Coal Tar Pitch.

Manufacturing Process:

CPC received from our own plant or ECA received from overseas suppliers is screened to different fractions and stored in different hoppers. The various fractions are then weighed using electronic batching system and taken in a bin. The proportions of the fractions are fixed according to the desired properties of electrode paste. The total aggregate is then preheated in sigma type mixer upto 1800C and then liquid coal tar pitch is added at 2000C and mixed. Depending on desired plasticity of Electrode paste, quantity of liquid Coal Tar is added. Coal Tar pitch is used as a binder.


Specifications of Carbon Electrode Paste:
Green Paste
ECA Based
CPC Based
As per customers requirement, typical range 30-50
As per customers requirement,
typical range 30-50
Fixed Carbon
83 Min
87 Min
Volatile Matter
5.0 Max
0.5 Max
Aparent Density
1.65 Min
1.68 Min
Baked Paste
ECA Based
CPC Based
Fixed Carbon
94 Min
99 Min
25 Max
35 Max
Aparent Density
1.45 Min
1.40 Min
Cold Crushing Strength
250 Min
200 Min
Electrical Resistivity
Ohm.mm2 /meter
55 to 65
85 to 95
Note : Plasticity can be altered to suit the customer's requirement. We can supply Electrode Paste in both cylinders and briquettes or as per customer's requirement though the most preferred size is 2-4 inch briquettes. MG recommends using ECA based electrode paste for enhanced furnace performance.
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