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The rising importance of Calcined Petroleum Coke in Industries India-wide and worldwide was one of the inspirations that led the Maniyar Group of Industries to focus on this specialty segment. Technology refinements in this segment were another persuader.

Since 1975, Maniyar Group of Industries is well known in the Industry. We are one the largest manufacturers of Calcined Petroleum Coke. We also manufacture Carbon Electrode Paste and Tamping Paste in different shape, size and specifications both CPC as well as ECA based.

There are total Eleven member manufacturing units two of which are located at Barauni, Bihar, one each at Guwahati, Bongaigaon and Tinsukia in Assam, one at Haldia in West Bengal, two at Paradeep and Jharsuguda in Odisha, two in Andhra Pradesh at Naidupet and Bobilli and one in Gujrat at Vadodara with Corporate Office located at Kolkata. Having multilocational units, this Group has got edge over others single locational units in respect of consistent supply to its customers both quantitavely and qualitatively.

Knowledge, Intelligence and an unshakable commitment to quality – are the “Key” words that have given the Maniyar Group and edge over the competition. Best practices in industry, process-agility, pro-active alliance and positive work culture are driving the Group forward towards achieving a pre-eminent position in the Indian CPC Industry. This coupled with market savvy and a focus on delivering optimum satisfaction to customers has led to many success stories over the years.


Neo Carbons Pvt. Ltd.
Bihar Carbon Pvt. Ltd.
Guwahati Carbon Ltd.
Brahmaputra Carbon Ltd.
Digboi Carbon Pvt. Ltd.
Kalinga Calciner Ltd.

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