Maniyar Group of Industries

Maniyar Group of Industries has consistently employed the most rigorous quality standards in order to meet and even exceed its customers’ requirement. The Group operates State-of-the-art Laboratories at all of its manufacturing facilities to ensure that only highest quality product reaches its customers.

Environment Upkeep & Pollution Control

As per International and National practice Maniyar Group maintains the highest standard of Environment Protection through a sustained Environment Management Programme. All production and storage facilities are equipped with sophisticated pollution control and monitoring Equipment & Instruments. A special Environment cell monitors, analyses and controls emissions and other activities. Planned “aforestation” is integral to the management of plants – and creation of green belts around factory premises is an ongoing process.


ISO Certifications -


Neo Carbons Pvt. Ltd.
Bihar Carbon Pvt. Ltd.
Guwahati Carbon Ltd.
Brahmaputra Carbon Ltd.
Digboi Carbon Pvt. Ltd.
Kalinga Calciner Ltd.
Kalinga Calciner Ltd.

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